Recent estimates suggest that terrorists from about 100 countries are currently infesting Syria. Coupled with the legal interventions of the “Axis of resistance”, and the illegal war crimes of NATO and its allies, means that the dirty war on Syria is increasingly a world war.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph F. Dunford has warned both the US Senate as well as John Kerry in no uncertain terms that a "No Fly Zone" over Syria would lead to war with both Syria and Russia, intimating a dangerous process of military escalation.
Stories from Syrians are conspicuously absent from the mainstream media. I asked Ammar about life in Syria, and this is what he wrote:“As everyday morning my sister was going to the university when a Takfiri suicide bomber blew up a car bomb at the bus stop which led to the death and injury of many civilians and university students who were going to their exams..."
What the media has failed to investigate since the outset are US war crimes against the People of Syria and Iraq, which are amply confirmed by official US Department of Defense data. The Figures Speak for Themselves